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Customized Large Group Workshop

Customized Large Group Workshop

Large group workshops, strategic plans and assessments 

*Customized pricing/solutions

**Available for groups of 20 or more

***Pricing varies based on the group size, content and time commitment


Providing organizational strategies centered on such topics as: 

  • Emotional Intelligence to compete and succeed in a global workforce
  • Diversity, Equity, Equality, Inclusion, and Social Justice (i.e. unconcious bias, racism, intersectionality, sexual orgination/gender bias, multicultural generations,  etc)
  • Job Readiness (Resume/Cover Letter Writing, Dressing for Success)
  • Whole Person Life Skills around Critical Thinking, Communications, Creativity, and Collaboration
  • Mental Wellbeing and Self Care 




Do you want to conduct a customized gap analysis and strategic assesment solution?


CONTACT us to discuss and secure customized solutions: 

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