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Conversation Starters: The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

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The Wellness and Wellbeing Summit (link)

NACADA Greece: Educate Motivate Sustain Advisors (International Session)

How the Best Leaders Intrinsically Motivate Others presented for Virtual International Forum 



Interviews, Podcasts, & Recordings of Live Video Content

*Workshop selected for highly competitive CE Credit offerings

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University of Southern California (USC) Rossier Leadership Month Sessions

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Dominican University
Brennan School of Business

LIVE! From Brennan’s Career Development Program 

Mastering Video Interviews with Airies Davis

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National Association of African Americans in Human Resources (NAAAHR)

Starting the Conversation: Mental Health at Work Amidst COVID19 featuring Dr. Raj C. Shah, Rush Medical Center and Dr. Airies Davis

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BetterUp Live Series

Culture of Justice: Building Racially Inclusive Teams and Organizations

The heartbreaking acts of injustice against Black Americans this year have left many of us emotionally overwhelmed, and seeking a path forward. Join esteemed Villanova Professor Quinetta Roberson, leading authority on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, in conversation with Dr. Airies Davis, BetterUp Leadership Coach, to learn how to counter bias in our communities and in our organizations, from the ground up.

Dr. AD Workforce Me

Podcast - EP 1

Dr. Airies Davis INTRO


Do you want to be a Podcast guest?  

We seek leaders from all industries and backgrounds simply interested in providing a thought provoking response to the following WHAT and WHY questions: 

  • WHAT one-two methods or skills do you use to exercise control of your emotions in the workplace and/or home life? 

  • Why is it important to control your emotions in the workplace and/or home life?

Así Es La Vida/ That is Life Podcast - EP 10

Who is Dr. Airies?


Así Es La Vida / That’s Life is a podcast of interviews and dialogues with amazing and interesting individuals regarding their life-projects and motivation. In a fun, light, poignant way we find out peoples "ganas"/will, motivation. 

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Why Emotional Intelligence (EI) is Good for Business with Dr. Airies Davis


Emotional intelligence has been a buzzword now for a long time. The idea that increasing this high level skill can provide tangible business results is something to aspire too. In this episode, Adam Torres and Dr. Airies Davis, Ed.D, MBA, Founder & CEO of WorkforcEQi, evaluate some of the benefits to be derived from an increase in emotional intelligence.

SMART Digital Workshop -

EP 2 Building Your Intersectional Identity Network


In this S.M.A.R.T. Digital Workshop we speak with Rosalind Conerly, Ed.D. (Rossier '16) and Dr. Airies Davis, Ed.D, MBA (Rossier '16) about "Building Your Intersectional Identity Network: Recruiting and Networking in a Diverse World."

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